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Speech & Language Pathologist

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REPORTS TO: Supervisor of Speech-Language, Hearing and LLD

PRIMARY FUNCTIONS OF THE JOB: (Summary of essential job functions) Supervises speech-language assistants as per state regulations.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE JOB: (Minimum requirements) Maintains and manages a caseload comprised of speech-language disabled students in the schools. Works collaboratively with the Evaluation Team Leader and school team to develop educationally based IEPs for speech-language disabled students. Logs therapy services using Easy IEP for all sessions provided to students on the caseload. Approves all therapy log services using Easy IEP in a timely fashion.

BRIEF JOB DESCRIPTION: The speech-language pathologist is responsible for providing clinical supervision to speech-language assistants, evaluating students with suspected communication disabilities, and providing speech-language services to students with Individual Education Programs in the schools. Serves as a resource to school staff members in the development of a balanced program to promote students’ receptive and expressive language skills for school success. Provides an individualized education program to meet individual needs of speech-language disabled students using evidence based, multi-sensory approaches. Assists teachers in the understanding of typical and disordered developmental milestones and referring suspected and identified speech-language disabilities. Uses evidence based practices to consult with teachers about students who demonstrate communication disabilities. Provides a thorough assessment and diagnosis of speech-language disorders and disabilities using culturally and linguistically appropriate methods. Provides screening to identify students with suspected speech-language disabilities. Collaborates with classroom teachers and other school staff members to implement age and culturally-linguistically appropriate accommodations and intervention strategies in the classroom. Provides professional development and serves as a consultant to teachers and school staff members on topics concerning first and second language acquisition and speech-language disorders/disabilities. Keeps thorough and on-going records, using qualitative and quantitative data, for individual students receiving speech-language services. Maintains list of students’ names on the speech-language caseload with the speech-language assistant. Keeps track of and inventories speech-language evaluation tools and intervention materials in the schools.

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Communication Sciences and Disorders

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Lucy Perez, HR Administrator


Springfield Public Schools - Main St.




Human Resources Department


1550 Main St.







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413-787-7180 (cell) 413-537-9437

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Springfield College 263 Alden Street, Springfield, MA 01109-3797 413.748.3000
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