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Arts, Film, Theater

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Art Teacher-Middle School - Holyoke, MA

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1.Teaches knowledge and skills in art, including crafts, drawing, painting, lettering, design, commercial arts, art history, and three-dimensional art to secondary pupils, following the course of study approved by the School Committee, and other appropriate learning activities. 2.Provides instruction by which pupils develop aesthetic concepts and appreciations and the ability to make qualitative judgments about art. 3.Demonstrates techniques in activities such as drawing, painting, and modeling, using standard and teacher-prepared instructional aids. 4.Develops instructional plans and organizes class time to provide a balance program of instruction, demonstration, and working time. 5.Provides individual and small group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of pupils with varying intellectual and artistic abilities, and to accommodate a variety of instructional activities. 6.Establishes and maintains standards of pupil behavior needed to provide an orderly and productive studio environment. 7.Instructs pupil in proper care and use of tools and equipment. 8.Organizes storage areas and controls use of materials, equipment, and tools to prevent loss or abuse, and to minimize time required for distribution and collection. 9.Evaluates each pupil’s performance and growth in knowledge and aesthetic understandings, and prepares progress reports. 10.Selects and requisitions books, instructional materials, tools, instructional aids, and maintains required inventory records. 11.Plans and presents art displays and exhibitions designed to exhibit pupils work for the school and the community. 12.Communicates with parents and school counselors on pupil progress. 13.Participates in curriculum and other developmental programs within the school of assignment or on a district level.

Job Requirements •Massachusetts Educator Certification in Visual Art (PreK – 8) •Familiar with developmental learning techniques

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Holyoke Public Schools





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Springfield College 263 Alden Street, Springfield, MA 01109-3797 413.748.3000
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