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2012 - RA's (3 Positions)

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FALL 2012
The Resident Assistant (RA) is a position offered by the Office of Housing and Residence Life. As a member of the department, a RA is directly supervised by and responsible to the Assistant Resident Director or Resident Director of the assigned residence hall. RAs must be full-time students with a minimum GPA of 2.5. The RA has responsibilities for the entire residence hall/apartment complex while focusing more specifically upon the responsibilities related to his/her respective community. The RA plays a vital role in the establishment of an environment conducive to maximum academic, personal, and social development while maintaining healthy and safe living conditions. The RA seeks to promote a sense of community within the residence hall/apartment complex fostered by individual responsibility, mutual respect, and the pursuit of mutual interests. Attend and participate in all weekly staff meetings. I understand during these meetings the ARD/RD will cover such issues such as building problems/concerns, current residence life information, programming, and staff issues. The ARD/RD will continue to develop the RA on an ongoing basis. Attend any required meetings relating to my position, including monthly training sessions and emergency meetings. I will refrain from making any commitments that will interfere with my attendance at these meetings. I understand that my attendance is required at the Monthly Staff Development sessions which are scheduled for the last Monday of each month at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Be officially on duty according to the ARD/RDs specifications and building duty schedule. I will present an image of an individual who wants to help and actively serve as a visible member of the housing staff within my assigned building. Enforce policies and follow up with related persons on violations according to established Residence Life and College procedures. Work with the ARD/RD and provide feedback concerning the residents, health and safety issues, job performance and work together to establish a positive atmosphere in the residence hall/apartment complex. Recognize that while both on and off campus, I am representing the Office of Housing & Residence Life. If my actions are in conflict with College and/or department policy, I may be subject to disciplinary action. Realize that my personal success and growth within the position is directly correlated to my attitude and commitment to the position. Maintain confidentiality when appropriate. Demonstrate good judgment in balancing academic, personal and position-related responsibilities. This also means that I will avoid overloading on course work and to limit other commitments that will interfere with the amount of time needed to be available to the residents on the floor and in the residence hall/apartment complex. Contribute to the development of a consistent, cohesive staff. Assist with the overall development of the community. Become familiar with my residents. Encourage participation in on-campus College sponsored events. Consult ARD/RD to seek approval for absence from campus during weekends and special times that may be necessary. To remain on campus and assume responsibilities on the following events and weekends and other times as needed: Family Weekend – September 21, 2012 –September 23, 2012 Homecoming – October 12, 2012 – October 14, 2012 Sti-Yu-Ka Weekend - (Dates to Be Determined, but all are on duty!) Taste of SC – April 19, 2012 (also Taste of SC 2013 TBD) RA Selection Process (TBD) Room Draw 2013 (TBD) Exam Weekends; (Fall 2012: December 14-16, 2012) (Spring 2013: May 10 –May 12, 2013) During the day on these weekends, RAs must seek approval from your RD/ARD to leave campus. During the evening, if your RD requests that you remain in your respective hall, that is his/her prerogative. To remain on campus until the building officially closes prior to each vacation period. Listed below are the date when the residence halls close: December 20, 2012 – Fall Closing March 15, 2013 – Spring Break Closing May 14, 2013 – End of the Year Closing (Note: Halls close at 9:00 pm, however, you may be required to stay until noon the following day or longer depending on the needs of the Resident Director or Department) Actively support the Hall Council. I will convey active interest through participation in meetings and functions sponsored by the Hall Council and encourage the participation of students. Be responsible for implementing programming in the residence hall as outlined in the RA Manual. Programming Specifics o Staffs in all halls are required to complete three (3) educational programs, as well as three (3) social programs during each semester. o Additionally, each residence hall is required to create and implement a “welcome back social” (with all staff members participating) in both, September and January when students return to campus. o All of these programs must be planned in advance and approved by the Resident Director of the hall. o These programs must be spread out over the course of the semester by month. o Staffs are required to implement a minimum of one educational and one social program during the months of September, October, November, February, March, and April. o Additionally, hall staffs are also required to put together a social program during finals week in both December and May. Be responsible for the timely and efficient completion of various reports, such as incident reports, health & safety inspection forms and programming. To be available on assigned floor for individual conference, referrals, and other such functions that requires a RA time and attentiveness to be effective. Exhibit positive attitude and spirit of cooperation with various supportive services and personnel on campus. This includes working with departments such as the Office of the Dean of Students, Office of Housing & Residence Life, Health Services, Counseling Center, Public Safety, and Facilities and Campus Services. Be a positive role model which would include, but not limited to the following: a) Demonstrating good judgment and mature behavior b) Following all rules, regulations and policies of the College as stated in the College Handbook and Housing Contract. c) Following all local, state, and federal laws. d) Refraining from use or possession of illegal drugs or paraphernalia. e) Refraining from drinking alcohol if minors or abusing alcohol if of legal age. Be evaluated each semester. This evaluation will be completed through the use of the Resident Assistant Evaluation Forms. All evaluation forms are placed in my permanent file in the Office of Housing & Residence Life. Understand that the Resident Assistant position is an opportunity offered by the Office of Housing & Residence Life. Reappointment to the staff is dependent on evaluation of the responsibilities and fulfillment of position obligations as determined by the ARD/RD and the Director of Housing & Residence Life. Not to lend department cell telephone, room/apartment keys and/or master key to anyone. I understand that the master key is to be kept in a safe and secured location. Loss or misuse of a master key is a serious matter and could result in termination. Understand that if I resign from my position and wish to return at a later semester, I need to indicate this intention in my resignation letter. I understand that reappointments to the staff, building/room placement are not guaranteed. Reappointment will be based on recommendation from ARD/RD with final approval from the Director of Housing & Residence Life. Understand that the Office of Housing & Residence Life reserves the right to change building assignments and room placements at any time. Understand that having a second job is not recommended. Approval will be based on individual basis. I understand that my building may have specific needs and responsibilities that are not covered in this agreement, but will be discussed and made available to me in writing from the ARD/RD. I will be compensated with room/apartment and partial meal plan at the beginning of my employment as an RA.

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Keith Moore


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