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Allied Health Sciences

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Personal Care

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In search of home care for my Dad. My Dad is 84 years old, legally blind, diabetic and also has congestive heart disease. His diabetes has caused him to have major problems with his legs. However he can walk (very slowly) with a walker. He has all his faculties (no Alzheimers or dementia). He has had two strokes so he whispers but is still sharp and can hold a conversation.  I need the help because I will be going back to work full time but I will also be starting night classes in March. Ideally I would like to have live in help (room & board in exchange for a few hours per day of care)  However, if that is not feasible then I would like to have someone who would be able to come in each evening and basically get his dinner for him and get him ready for bed.  This would entail making sure he takes his meds, fixing or bringing his dinner, help him get washed up and help get his pj's on and also maybe a bit of cleaning up behind him.  Since my Dad is pretty big (6'4 and 225lbs) and very old school, I would prefer a man but am not ruling a woman as long as she is capable.

If you could call me so that we can discuss my Dad's needs in further detail then I would greatly appreciate it. Dee Thorne 69 Norfolk Street Springfield, MA 01109 (413) 222-0069

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Dee Thorne




69 Norfolk Street







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(413) 222-0069


Springfield College 263 Alden Street, Springfield, MA 01109-3797 413.748.3000
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