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Book Drive Coordinator

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Book Drive Coordinator Program Details In partnership with Follett Higher Education Group, Better World Books seeks a service-oriented student group or individual to facilitate a new initiative in partnership with the Follett bookstore on campus. During the buyback period, students who visit the Follett bookstore will be given the option to donate books that have no buyback value. The resulting donations increase campus sustainability efforts as Better World Books repurposes the collected books through sale, donation and recycling. This reuse/recycling strategy brings positive social and environmental impact in your community and around the world. Find out more about the impact you could make at Position Description The Book Drive Coordinator is a temporary position active for the duration of the buyback period. During that time, the Book Drive Coordinator will be responsible for all aspects of the collection as detailed below. Position Requirements o Must be affiliated with the school as a student or employee o Able to be on campus prior to buyback period for planning and as needed afterward to coordinate the shipping of collected books o Able to lift 50 pounds o Promote the donation program through the training of buyback staff o Help drive traffic to the store’s buyback locations through word of mouth marketing to potential donors o Hold an Expectation Setting Meeting with the Primary Bookstore Contact to firm up book drive plans and get sign off (supporting docs provided) o Place bins on or before the 1st day of buyback o Monitor the bins and transfer the collected books into shipping boxes daily o Work with bookstore contact to store the books until ready to ship o Report back to Primary Bookstore Contact when supplies run low o Meet shipment deadline: Ship books collected to Better World Books within 5 days of the completion of buyback o Provide regular updates to your Better World Books Account Rep Preferred qualifications o Experience promoting campus events o Familiarity with the Better World Book Drive o Passion for sustainability o Interest in Social Enterprise o Professional disposition and ability to provide good customer service to bookstore staff Compensation The Book Drive Coordinator will receive $1 for every Accepted Book. An accepted book is any book that Better World Books lists for online resale. While this is a new program and funding cannot be guaranteed, our pilot launch earned our Book Drive Coordinators an average of $300. We also offer a shipping bonus to incentivize timely shipping and large collections. For books shipped on time – defined as 5 days following buyback – Better World Books will pay you an additional $25. For shipments of 35 or more tightly packed boxes that are shipped 5 days following buyback, you will receive a $50 shipping bonus. Think this could be you? Interested applicants should send a brief statement of interest to or if already running a Better World Book Drive, contact their Account Rep.

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Tracy Kolar, Campus Executive


Better World Books




11560 Great Oaks Way, Suite 100







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(678) 646-5138 (direct) (574) 339-3179 (cell) (888) 510-7103 x5138 (toll free)

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