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Arts, Film, Theater

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Arts Council Arts Event Producer

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by City of Northampton / in Northampton The Northampton Arts Council is looking for an ARTS COUNCIL ARTS EVENT PRODUCER CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS: SEPTEMBER 11, 2013 Part-time (20 Hours per week) position with Benefits!

We’re looking for an engaging, creative, and skilled person to do the following: Professional producing and administrative work for the City’s Arts Council;

Responsible for producing events such as Four Sundays in February series, KidsBest/YouthFilm Festival, Biennial Art Exhibit, and Transperformance. Additionally there is occasional programming of public art and Poet Laureate events.

Works with the Director to raise funds, market Arts Council events, maintain the financial viability of the Arts Council to fulfill its mission and program creative events within Northampton Public Schools.

> Performs highly skilled programming requiring independent decision making; negotiates professional contracts with national and internationally renown performers with the Director’s approval; produces all aspects of theatrical productions, technical as well aesthetic considerations. Responsible for all backstage production and coordinating, including but not limited to stage, lighting, sound, art direction in a union or non-union house.

Job Environment Production work is often performed under highly stressful conditions where weather can determine the fate of an event that has been planned for months.

Duties require the ability to deal with the public on behalf of the Arts Council, tact is often required to avoid friction and obtain cooperation; duties involve frequent contact with artists, local, state and federal government officials and numerous community personnel.

Essential Functions: Maintains financial records for all events produced on behalf of the Arts Council. Reviews venue contracts with Director and advises.Coordinates all aspects of the Arts Council’s productions with supervision of the Director (Four Sundays in February, Transperformance, KidsBestFest and other special events) including: creation, contract negotiations, overseeing hospitality, fundraising (both public and private support, major sponsorships and business contributions), publicity, program book development, website information, technical coordination with venues, design for productions and supervising large numbers of volunteers at all events.

Acts as liaison to the Board to help the Board make the most informed decisions regarding Arts Council events. Coordinates the writing of grants to support the Arts Council. Maintains a working knowledge of funds available to the Arts Council. Maintains strong relationships with area artists and works on projects that are beneficial to the arts community and the general public.

Performs other related work as required by a highly flexible individual.

Writes press releases, aids director in drafting ask letters to sponsors, advertisers and donors, acts as liaison to the designer of program books and flyers, as well as creating content for the Arts Council’s website. Maintains posters in the Arts Kiosk. Frequent postering in downtown Northampton is required to market Arts Council events as well as keep a good relationship with local business owners to create and maintain relationships with the local business community and recurring sponsors. Serves as a spokesperson for the Arts Council to the press and the community. Performs other related work as required by a highly flexible community oriented individual. Raises funds and provides special arts related opportunities for Northampton’s Public Schools including workshops with nationally known performers, arts events, film screenings, etc. Maintains strong relationships with area artists and works on projects that are beneficial to the arts community and the general public.

Recommended Minimum Qualifications: Education and Experience Bachelor’s degree in Theater or Arts Administration or related field required; advanced knowledge of theater production and arts administration required; graduate degree in Theater or Arts Administration highly desirable; over three years of theatrical programming experience and/or arts administration desired; or any combination of education and experience. Knowledge, Ability and Skill: Thorough knowledge of various computer programs such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Google Apps for Business, Photoshop, Quicken, Adobe Creative suite or their equivalent is desired.

Ability to create unique and unexpected programming that engages the community and the region. Must have thorough understanding of how to operate successfully in a variety of performance venues throughout the city; ability to write grants on the local, state, and national level.

Strong organizational and communications skills required; ability to multi-task and manage a large number of highly visible projects; ability to interact with highly skilled artists, editors of various media outlets and public speaking skills in front of large audiences; ability to create programming that appeals to the widest range of the city’s population; programming duties require a keen sense of strategy and timing.

Physical Requirements Duties may require intermittent light to moderate physical effort in carrying, lifting or moving bulky materials or equipment weighing approximately 30 to 60 pounds such as set material and/or sound, lighting and film and video projection equipment.

TO APPLY: Please send your resume, cover letter, and your job application to Human Resources at You may download the application from the City of Northampton’s website, found here:

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